I am available to deliver lectures, conduct workshops, and provide consulting on matters related to diversity that might include specialized programming or development of other diversity related initiatives for your school or organization. Contact me at [email protected] for information about fees and availability. 


  • Black Women and the Civil Rights Movement in New Jersey
  • African Americans and Higher Education in the Twentieth Century
  • Black Women and the History of Rock and Roll
  • Race in the Trump era
  • Diversity Matters

Programming Initiatives 

Courses Developed by Dr. Williams at the College Level

  • The Civil rights Movement
  • Jazz Age and Harlem Renaissance
  • The African Diaspora in the Americas
  • Readings in African American Intellectual History
  • Spike Lee and the Black Aesthetic
  • James Baldwin’s America
  • African American Historiography 
  • American Popular Culture in the 1960s